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TEMAT: MS Word because it ignores such flotsum ???

MS Word because it ignores such flotsum ??? 1 rok 2 dni temu #438

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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a document form a lawyer. It is a 4 page contract that I use for my business and it has my name embedded in it and so forth.
However, if I open it in Writer, right off th ebat there are two places in the beginning where there is a large '1' in sort of reverse highlighting. I could simply delete these, since I don't see any purpose they are serving. I am guessing they are an artifact from some sort of mail merge operation or something. They do not show up in word though. Secondly around the 2nd or third page there is a section where the font just randomly changes from what it already was through out into some courier type light weight font. Then after that section it changes back without issue.

The question is, do you think M$ is intentionally putting tweaks into their documents to force this to happen or are these just the result of sloppy process in making such a document by th eoriginal author that simply don't manifest in MS Word because it ignores such stuff as so much flotsum?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Medical Animated Explainer

Thank you.
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